Zebra Splash E-Pattern By Jillybean Fitzhenry

Jillybean Fitzhenry

$ 10.00 
SKU: 04-EJF344

Designed and painted by Jillybean Fitzhenry; E-Pattern is a downloadable PDF file and includes: color photo, supply list, tracing pattern, and painting instructions. All parts sold separately.

Project Surface:
• Watercolor Paper 12” x 18” (140lb)
DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics 1oz
• DMFA02-37 Burnt Sienna
• DMFA03-37 Burnt Umber
• DMFA05-37 Carbon Black
• DMFA12-37 Dioxazine Purple
• DMFA22-37 Dark Grey Value 3
• DMFA23-37 Phthalo Blue
• DMFA25-37 Phthalo Green-
• DMFA27-37 Primary Cyan
• DMFA28-37 Primary Yellow
• DMFA29-37 Primary Magenta
• DMFA34-37 Quinacridone
• DMFA46-37 Yellow Green
DecoArt Americana or Traditions
• Titanium White
• You can substitute the first three
Media Fluid colors with Americana
or Traditions if desired.
Dynasty Faux Squirrel Brushes
• Angle ½”
• Rigger (or script) #10/0
• Wave #8
• Round #2
• Flat Wash 1”
Dynasty Black Silver
• Rake ¼”
Dynasty Mezzaluna
• Small
• Large
Misc. Supplies:
Board – 12” x 18” or larger to tape
watercolor paper onto.
Grey graphite paper, stylus, tape and
STRONG blowing hair dryer.