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Copyright Information

Copyright Information

Chris Haughey Pattern and Book Copyright:

Unauthorized reproduction in any manner is prohibited.  All pattern designs may be painted for personal use, classroom use or for finished re-sale.  Mass reproduction in any manner strictly prohibited.  Painter may hand paint the designs for personal use, to give as gifts, or for profit, provided they are not represented as the painter’s original designs.  Patterns may be enlarged for personal use or hand-traced for using painting the designs within.  Manufactured or mass-produced copies of books, designs or patterns is prohibited.  Instructional use by teachers is permitted with teacher acknowledging the source of material.  Copying of book patterns is allowed for classroom use only.  Pattern packets may not be copied. 


Surface Copyright:

Unauthorized reproduction of exclusive Cupboard Distributing surface designs in any manner is strictly prohibited.  Surface designs may be reproduced for personal use, classroom use or as finished re-sale.  Mass reproduction in any manner is prohibited.