Copyright Information

Copyright Information

Chris Haughey Pattern and Book Copyright:

©2022 Chris Haughey, Cupboard Distributing.  Contents of all designs for magazine articles, pattern packets, and e-packets including text, pattern designs, and photographs are copyrighted and intended for Decorative Painting Purposes only.  Painters may change size, shape, or surface and hand paint the designs for personal use, to give as gifts, for profit at craft shows, craft malls, Etsy, Ebay store, craft-related sales market, and special orders provided they are not represented as the painter’s original designs.   Mass production of any kind is prohibited. Whether selling your hand painted version of this design or posting your finished project online to share with other painters or teaching it in a class, please give Chris Haughey credit (i.e., “Designed by Chris Haughey or based on a  design by Chris Haughey”). 

If an e-pattern is purchased, it may not be re-sold as a pdf file, nor copies made of the pdf files for re-sale or to share. Any other use of this design and/or packet contents will require permission from Chris Haughey.

Teachers, Chapters, and Shop Owners may purchase multiples of this pattern at a discount and provide it to students as part of the class fee.  No copies may be made of the written instructions or line drawing to sell, or give away, even for classes.  Rewriting any or part of the directions included in this pattern packet for teaching or other purposes is strictly prohibited.  Instructional use by the teachers is permitted with the teacher acknowledging the source of material. 


Surface Copyright:

Unauthorized reproduction of exclusive Cupboard Distributing surface designs in any manner is strictly prohibited.  Surface designs may be reproduced for personal use, classroom use, or as finished re-sale.  Mass reproduction in any manner is prohibited.