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Sharon Bond E-Patterns

I've had a love for painting, crafts and drawing since I was very young! When ceramics were popular, I was kept very busy with that, doing all kinds of craft shows and supplying shops, but then I gradually started leaning toward decorative painting, which I LOVE the most of all! I have never looked back! I sell finished pieces on Ebay and painting patterns on Etsy. I work with Terrye French in "Painting with Friends" and I also convert Rhonda Bower's stitchery patterns to painting patterns, AND as of last year, I've started creating a few patterns of my own—such fun!!

I love anything that is whimsical or primitive—I only wish I had more time to paint! As for me personally, I'm married with two fantastic sons, I love Classic Rock & Roll and am a HUGE Led Zeppelin fan while I also manage a Jimmy Page fan site. Music and art go very well together you know! :)