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Sharon Cook E-Patterns

Sharon has been decorative painting since 1990 and absolutely loves it. She has spent many a late night with her brushes, imagination, and current project, along with a cup of hot chocolate, yummy-smelling candles, and Christmas music playing in the background to set the mood for a great painting experience. Sharon has enjoyed teaching painting classes for many years, and has taught at local craft stores, national painting conventions, various society meetings, and at church and community events. Teaching painting brings Sharon much joy, as she learns just as much from her students as they do from her! 

She has been fortunate enough to host booths at trade shows throughout the U.S., and is the author of four books on decorative painting, a magazine article, and about 100 pattern packets of her original designs. She has even designed a bit of scrapbook paper, as well. It’s Sharon’s hope that the joy of painting will bring a smile to your lips and great happiness to your heart. After all, isn’t this what the great hobby of decorative painting is all about?