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Chris Haughey E-Patterns

Andy Taylor and Bewitched are the two TV shows I recall from my childhood.  With only three stations to select on our black and white TV, I spent most of my time playing with crafts.  My older sister was an oil painter and I drooled over her supplies and talents.  In college I majored in Fine Art (Oil Painting), but soon found out that making a living by selling oil paintings was not all fun and games.  My biggest successes were selling in restaurants and furniture stores.  Even that came to a halt when expecting my first child, the odor from the turpentine was totally intolerable.  After the pitter patter of little feet went to school (BTW, oil and kids do not mix), I discovered the wonderful world of acrylic.  I have been an addict ever since!  My background in art continually encourages me to try new and exciting paints, mediums and techniques.  I absolutely love what I do and feel very blessed that I am able to design and share my wonderful world of art.