Wonderful World of Rufus Porter E-Pattern by Barbara Bunsey

Barbara Bunsey

$ 6.50 
SKU: 04-ECG95

E-Pattern by Barbara Bunsey includes color photo, drawings and full painting instructions.

Palette: DecoArt:
Navy Blue Burnt Orange Cadmium Yellow Antique Rose
Rookwood French Vanilla Honey Brown Dark Chocolate
Neutral Grey Graphite Sand Bittersweet Chocolate
Dark Grey (Neutral
Grey + Graphite 2:1)
Brushes: FM Gold #200 series: ¾” oval wash; ¾” wash; #14 & #8 shader; #0 script liner; #2 & #4 round; 3/8”
foliage wave; #12 & #6 dry brush.
Special supplies: Retarder or extender; Norwegian Painting Medium, Burnt Umber oil paint, soft, lint-free
cloth (man’s undershirt works best) or Viva paper towels (these are the only paper towels with no lint); scruffy
¾” wash brush