Will Ewe Bee Mine? E-Pattern

Patricia Jarrett

$ 6.50 
SKU: 04-EPJ027

Downloadable PDF E-Pattern by Pat Jarrett includes: color photo, supply list, tracing pattern, and painting instructions. All parts sold separately.

Palette – Americana Acrylics
DA 162 Antique Mauve
DA 283 Blue Harbor
DA 318 Blue Haven
DA 03 Buttermilk
DA 112 Cranberry Wine
DA 242 Fawn
DA 067 Lamp Black
DA 164 Light Buttermilk
DA 194 Marigold
DA 01 Snow (Titanium White)
DA 232 Vivid Violet
I have listed the brushes I feel comfortable using but you should feel free to substitute
according to your preference.
Shaders - #2 to #8
Leow-Cornell 7330 curved flat brushes (I used #6, 10 and #12). Love them for
Liner brush – I used a #2 round – use whatever brush you need to achieve the line size
you need.
Other Supplies
Graphite paper
Clear plastic ruler
Disposable palette paper
Paper towels or blue shop towels
Americana Matte Finish Spray sealer
Oval sanding pad.
Tracing paper
Americana Glazing Medium (DS18)

Surface – I used a repurposed piece of wood with an attached hanger but any surface
will do – pattern can be increased/decreased to fit a surface of your choice. My pattern
is approximately 9” x 9”.
Saw tooth hanger as appropriate.