Wild Iris E-Pattern by Sandy McTier

Sandy McTier

$ 10.00 
SKU: 04-ESMC24

E-Pattern by Sandy McTier includes color photo, drawings and full painting instructions. 

Surface: 6x14 Frame Board #31-L852 (Available at cdwood.com)
DecoArt Americana Acrylics:
Slate Grey Warm White
Plantation Pine Antique Green
Dioxazine Purple Lavender
Joyful Pink Titanium White
Asphaltum Primary Blue
DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics/Americana Substitutes:
Paynes Grey / Paynes Grey
Hansa Yellow Light/Yellow Light
Stampendous Stamps: (Available at sandymctierdesigns.com)
Vintage Note Grunge Script Stamp Set
Stencils: (Available at sandymctierdesigns.com)
M2-3 Flourish M2-52 Stylized Fleurs di Lis
Brushes: (Available at sandymctierdesigns.com)
3/4" Flat 5/8" Stencil Pro
#8 Flat #0 Rigger
3/8" Angle 1/4" Angle
#4 Flat Small Mezzaluna
10/0 Liner
Other Supplies:
DecoArt Multi Purpose Sealer Water Basin
Sanding Pad or Sand Paper Varnish of choice
Baby Wipes Paper Towels
Pen/Stylus Graphite Paper
Palette Paper Heat Gun or Blow Dryer
Small Sponge (make up sponge) E6000 Glue