Whistling Crow Tea Kettle E-Pattern by Vicki Saum

Vicki Saum

$ 6.50 
SKU: 04-EVS34

PDF Download includes color photo, drawings and full painting instructions.

Surface: I painted this project on an old whistling tea kettle. Feel free to enlarge or reduce the pattern to fit your project.
Paints: DecoArt American Paints: Antique Gold, Burnt Orange, Cinnamon Drop, Deep Burgundy, Driftwood, Heritage Brick, Lamp Black, Persimmon, Raw Sienna, Traditional Burnt Sienna. Krylon matte spray paint (optional, my surface was very slick so I based with a coat of spray paint first, it your surface has some tooth you could eliminate this step.)
Mediums: Americana Multi-Purpose Sealer, Americana matte Sealer/Finisher Spray.
Brushes: Assorted flats, angles and liners. I use Dynasty Black Gold brushes and the Mezzaluna brushes for dry brushing.
Miscellaneous Supplies: Old rag and white vinegar for cleaning, sandpaper, stylus, piece of twine and small tag. I purchased my tag at Hobby Lobby and cut it to size. Card stock for making patterns. Black ultra-fine point Sharpie..