Vase of Gerber Daisies E-Pattern

Sandy McTier

$ 8.00 
SKU: 04-ESMC07

E-Pattern by Sandy McTier includes color photo, drawings and full painting instructions.

11x14 Canvas
wOils Brushes :
#6 Perfect Bright
#0 Perfect Round
Martin/F. Weber wOils:
Sap Green
Cad. Red Light
Alizarin Crimson
Raw Sienna
Cad. Yellow Light
Dioxazine Purple
Cobalt Blue
Prussian Blue
Naples Yellow
Cad. Red Med
Phthalo Yellow Green
Paynes Gray
Other Supplies:
Water Basin
Palette Paper
Fast Dry Medium (FDM)
Viva Paper Towels
Table Top Easel
Transfer Paper