Time for Candy E-Pattern By Sharon Bond

Sharon Bond

$ 6.50 
SKU: 04-ESB212

E-Pattern is designed and painted by Sharon Bond; E-Pattern includes: color photo, supply list, tracing pattern, and painting instructions.

All parts sold separately 

 12” Olde Springfield Vertical Plaque – Available from www.cdwood.com – Item # 31-L814
 Ultra-fine Permanent Black Marker – (Such as an Ultra-fine Sharpie, available at most
stores!) ----OR----
 Black PITT Artist Pen, Superfine and/or an Extra Superfine by Faber-Castell (for even finer
lines.) (I would suggest two sizes for this project; such as an Ultra-fine Sharpie and also a
finer lined marker.)
 Tim Holtz’s “Twisted” Layering Stencil #THS065 – I originally purchased mine from Cupboard
Distributing but found out that they no longer have it available. I did find it on several other
websites at various prices – It is available from Amazon, Michaels, Walmart, Stampers
Anonymous, as well as ‘Simon Says Stamp’. Be sure to include ‘Tim Holtz TWISTED layering
stencil when you do a search! And OF COURSE, you don’t have to stencil anything! That is
optional! OR you can use any stencil that you might already have!! ♥
 Painter’s Tape or Scotch Magic Tape (only needed if stenciling!)
 Small Water Misting Bottle
 An Old Toothbrush or Splattering Tool (if you want to ‘fleck’ the background!)
 Wire or Ribbon if you’d like to create a hanger for your plaque!
All Paints are Americana Acrylics from DecoArt:
 Banana Cream
 Burnt Orange
 Burnt Sienna
 Canyon Orange
 Deep Ochre
 Fuchsia Pop (This is a new color! Royal
Fuchsia will work well if you don’t have
this new one yet!)
 Lamp Black
 Lavender
 Marigold
 Purple Cow
 Purple Iris (This is a new color! I believe
you could use Dioxazine Purple if you
don’t have the new one yet – it might
just create a bit of a darker result.)
 Sand
 Santa Red
 Vivid Blue
 Warm Sunset
 Warm White
Specialty Items by DecoArt:
 Americana’s Matte Spray Finisher
 Americana Dry Time Extender (optional, to aid with floating/shading)
 Americana DuraClear Gloss Varnish (optional)
 DecoArt Glamour Dust Glitter Paint – Magenta (optional)
 DecoArt Glamour Dust Glitter Paint – Tiger Orange (optional)
 Angle Shader ¼”
 Glaze/Wash Brush ¾”
 Flat Shader #6
 Round # 2
 Script Liner 10/0
Other Brushes from Cupboard Distributing:
 #6 Oval Drybrush – Jo Sonja’s Sure Touch – Item # 03-2010-6
 #8 Oval Drybrush – Jo Sonja’s Sure Touch – Item # 03-2010-8
 Chris’s SPECTACULAR Stencil Brush #4 – Item # 03-926-4