Three Little Wise Men Tree Topper And Ornaments E-Pattern By Sharon Shannon

Sharon Shannon

$ 8.50 
SKU: 04-ESS09

This digital PDF E-Pattern, designed by Sharon Shannon, includes: color photo, supply list, tracing pattern, and painting instructions. All parts sold separately.

Paint: DecoArt Americana
Deep Midnight Blue Desert Sand Dark Chocolate
Antique Gold Napa Red Flesh Tone
True Blue Dioxazine Purple Coral Blush
Black Plum Blue Mist Soft Black
Raw Sienna Bleached Sand Shading Flesh
Heritage Brick Grey Sky Country Blue
Snow (titanium) White Avocado Traditions True Gold
Gold Glitz Glamour Dust Multi- Purpose Sealer
JoSonja’s Magic Mix
JoSonja’s Clear Glazing Medium
Blair satin finishing spray or varnish of your choice.
Surface: Wood Star Tree Topper 10” - Item # 207-1079 and the wood ornaments are 4” x 3 ¼” # 207-0599, are available from
Brushes: 1/8” + ¼” angle brush, #4 + #8 Filbert brush, #2 + #6 Flat brush, #6/0 + #0 Liner brushes. A mini cats tongue also is great for dry brushing in small places. If you do not have this a 10/0 filbert works also.
Also a large flat brush for applying the first basecoat and for sealing your wood.
Misc. Supplies: White and grey graphite paper and a wet palette along with your dry palette is helpful for your mixes.