Tangled Tucker E-Pattern By Sharon Cook

Sharon Cook

$ 8.00 
SKU: 04-ESC103

Downloadable PDF E-Pattern by Sharon Cook includes: color photo, supply list, tracing pattern, and painting instructions. All parts sold separately.

Wood Canvas Panel 9” x 12” x 2” #28-29845
Brushes: Loew-Cornell
La Corneille Script Liner, Sizes 10/0 (Series 7050)
La Corneille Angular Shader, Size 1/2” (Series 7400)
Loew Cornell Crescent, Size 1/2” (Series 247)
La Corneille Wash/Glaze, Size 3/4” (Series 7150)
Loew Cornell Soft Comfort Filbert, Size 12 (Series 24500)
Loew Cornell Fabric Dye, Size 14 (Series Fab)
Loew Cornell Tapered White Bristle Stencil Brush,
Bulb Handle, 3 /4” (Series 222)
Other Supplies:
DecoArt Decou-Page—Matte
DecoArt Americana Multi-Purpose Sealer
DecoArt Media Satin Varnish, Item # DMM28-71
DecoArt Wood Filler
DecoArt Accessories—Grey Transfer Paper, Item #DAS197-K
DecoArt Accessories—White Transfer Paper, Item #DAS198-K
White tissue paper—1 page
Sanding sponge, sandpaper, or emery board
Swirl stencil of your choice
Double-ended stylus
Paper towels
Brush Basin Bubble palette (optional)
Masterson’s Sta-wet Palette (Optional)
Palette: DecoArt Americana
Alizarin Red
Aqua Sky
Blue Violet
Burnt Umber
Calypso Blue
Cherry Red
Coral Blush
Forest Green
Hauser Dark Green
Honey Brown
Light Cinnamon
Light Mocha
Mississippi Mud
Neutral Grey
Orange Flame
Peacock Teal
Sable Brown
Saffron Yellow
Sour Apple
Sunny Day
Warm White
Whispering Turquoise
DecoArt Glamour Dust
Ice Crystal
Sapphire Blue
DecoArt Media Misters Shimmer Mister - Turquoise