Survivor E-Pattern by Wendy Young

Wendy Young

$ 11.95 
SKU: 04-EWY002

Downloadable PDF E-Pattern by Wendy Young includes: color photo, supply list, tracing pattern, and painting instructions. All parts sold separately.

 Surface Supplies:

(1) set Large happy Feet ( 22-WF006) Cupboard Distributing

(1) 5 " Paper Mache Pumpkin (27-3961) Cupboard Distributing

(1) 6" X 1/2" Dowel

(1) 3" Styrofoam Ball

(1) Battery Operated Candle (Dollar General)

(1) Chalkboard Sign ( Item # 1088475) Hobby Lobby

(1) 5" piece of multi Colored Feather Boa (Hobby Lobby)

(1) Eye Lashes (Dreamy) Dollar General

(2 1/4) Tubes of Quikwood

Miscellaneous Supplies:

Hot Glue

Baking Soda

Elmer's White Glue

Make-up Blush (Your Color Choice)

Poly-Acrylic Sealer (Sem-Gloss is my preference)

Flora Craft Spray Glitter (Wal-Mart)

Super Glue Gel

White Graphite paper


Drill or Dremel tool

Hot Glue Gun

X-acto knife or paring Knife

Pointy Clay Tool or Pencil


Extender (DecoArt)

Wood Glue (DecoArt)

Antiquing (Apple Butter Brown ) Plaid

Dimensional Effects

Paints: (All DecoArt)

Primary Red

Light Cinnamon

Wasabi Green

Black (Ebony)

White (Titanium snow white)

Spicy Mustard

Script Liner 10/0- #20137 From Artist Club Papillon brushes

Old Chip Brush (I get them at the dollar store)

Any base coating brush. I like using a small flat brush

Old Soft Brush for applying Antiquing