Summer Heart E-Pattern

Franca Marzi

$ 6.50 
SKU: 04-EFM035

Downloadable PDF E-Pattern by Franca Marzi includes: color photo, supply list, tracing pattern, and painting instructions. All parts sold separately.


Deco Art Americana : Alizarin Crimson, Berry Red, Cadmium Orange, Primary Yellow, Warm White, Olive Green, Avocado, Plantation Pine, Midnite Green, Lamp Black
Brushes Loew Cornell :
# 16, # 10, # 6 LA CORNEILLE GOLDEN TAKLON SHADER BRUSH 7300, # 10/0 Liner JS,
# 1/8 Crescent Brush 247
Maxine’s Mop different sizes, 1" Flat brush
I used wood heart, but you can paint the poppies wherever your imagination suggests
tracing paper, transfer paper, stylus, palette paper, paper to_els, water bucket, sandpaper medium grane, soft cloth, flowers stencil or any stencil
Americana Decor® Chalky Finish Paint “ Everlasting “ ADC01
Americana Decor® Chalky Finish Paint " Serene" ADC18
Americana Decor® Crème Waxes Clear (ADM01)
DecoArt Media - Modeling Paste - White DMM21