Starlight Lighthouse Cove E-Pattern

Theresa Prokop

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SKU: 04-ETP017

This digital PDF E-Pattern by Theresa Prokop includes: color photo, supply list, tracing pattern, and painting instructions. All parts sold separately.


DecoArt Paints Americana Acrylics:
Ocean Blue

Burnt Umber
Titanium White

Primary Blue
Black green

Hauser Dark green
Lamp Black

Hauser Light Green
Rockwood Red

Hauser Green
True Blue

Light Mocha
True Yellow

Electric Pink
Bright Orange

Butter Creme
Light Mocha

Salem Blue
Burnt Sienna

Deep Burgundy
DecoArt Traditions Paint:
Indian Yellow
Blue grey
Pthalo Blue

Windsor and Newton Water Colour Markers
Brushes Used:
Papillon by the Artist’s club
Flats 20,16,14,12,10,6,4,2
Angular ¾”, ½ “, ô€‡ª”, ¼”
Rounds 2,
#2 Flora,
Liners 3/0,10/0
Deerfoot Stipplers - Small, medium and Large
Maxine Mops - Small, medium and large
Supplies needed:
16 x 20 canvas
Tracing paper 16 x 20 “
Palette paper
Transfer paper black and white

Permanent Black marker fine tip
1” Painter’s blue tape or green Frog tape
Scotch brand transparent removable tape
Water Basin
Paper Towels
Baby wipes
Magnifier Glass
Acrylic Floating Medium
Spray Sealer/Finisher