Special Dad Pattern By Paola Bassan

Paola Bassan

$ 5.50 
SKU: 04-PB69

Pattern by Paola Bassan includes color photo, drawings and full painting instructions

Surface : Special Dad The shape is laser cut in wood with the main lines of the design already engraved. Project Supplies Usual Acrylic Tools, Adhesive mesh texture tape, Iron wire, rusty jingles. The surface and starter kit are available on www.paolabassan.com Paints : DecoArt Americana Acrylics Web site : www.paolabassan.com Mail : info@paolabassan.com Facebook Instagram Asphaltum Glamour Dust Ice Crystal Black Plum Country Red Neons Fiery Red Deep Midnight Blue Honey Brown Light Buttermilk Matcha Green Sand Titanium Snow White Winter Blue