Ship Captain E-Pattern

Barbara Bunsey

$ 6.50 
SKU: 04-ECG029

E-Pattern by Barbara Bunsey includes color photo, drawings and full painting instructions. 


Blue Haze*
Burnt Sienna
Burnt Umber
Lamp Black
Neutral Grey
Payne's Grey
Shading Flesh
Tomato Spice
Traditional Raw Sienna**
*Blue Haze: Teal Green + Wedgewood Blue + Graphite (2:1:1)
**Traditional Raw Sienna: Raw Sienna + Honey Brown (3:1)
This design is based on an antique candle box, most likely made in America, by an unknown artist. I think it's the perfect style for that
special man in your life! Perfect size for CD's, DVD's, remotes, etc.
Brushes: Loew-Cornell 7000 series: ¾” wash brush; #0 liner; #8 &#16 shaders; #2 round; #8 filbert; #8 liner; 1/2” oval wash.
Special supplies: DecoArt One-Step Crackle; Norwegian Painting Medium; Burnt Umber oil paint; soft cloth or Viva paper towels;
DecoArt Matte Varnish.