Quote the Raven E-Pattern By Linda Hollander

Linda Hollander

$ 6.00 
SKU: 04-ELH056

This digital PDF E-Pattern, designed by Linda Hollander, includes: color photo, supply list, tracing pattern, and painting instructions. All parts sold separately.

DecoArt Americana
Grape Juice 13236
Graphite 13161
Grey Sky 13111
Lamp Black 13067
Prussian Blue 13138
Sand Grey 13310
Slate Grey 13068
Turquoise Blue 13258
Warm White 13239
Zinc 13539
Rounded Arch Plaque Item #LH-006 from www.paletteandsawdust.com
Misc. Supplies:
DecoArt Multi-Purpose Sealer 87392
DecoArt Americana Acrylic Sealer Finisher Matte Spray 70836
DecoArt Drying Time Extender Medium (DecoArt Item # DAS1)
Royal Gray Graphite Paper 70141
Tracing paper 83176
Fine grit sandpaper
Contact paper (any color or pattern)
Old toothbrush or spattering tool
Suede Lace craft shoe leather 1/8” x 24” or hanger of choice
Royal Aqualon Series:
R2700 Wash 3/4”
R2160 Angular ¼”, ½”
R2150 Shader #10
R2250 Round #1, 3, 6
R2595 Liner 10/0
R 2170 Filbert #6
Royal Soft Grip Series:
SG1400 White Blending Mop-Small