Poinsettia Whimsical Patterned Glass Ornament E-Pattern

Christy Hartman

$ 6.00 
SKU: 04-ECH009

PDF download comes with color photo, instructions and detailed drawings. All parts sold separately.

Deco Art Glass Paint Markers:
DGPM 12Violet
DGPM03 White
DGPM04 Fuchsia
DGPM05 Red
DGPM06 Orange
DGPM09 Green
DGPM10 Turquoise
DGPM11 Blue
DGPM14 Black
 Black or Blue Stabillo Pencil or any marking tool which can be used on glass, this will be used to rough in the basic design, and then
removed with water prior to heat setting the bottle.
 1/8” Green Painter’s Tape (TOOL113_1) www.creativeartslifestyle.com
 Transfer paper or transfer method of your choice.
 Mini Bottle of your choice