Poinsettia Holiday Runner (Fabric Painting) E-Pattern by Wendy Fahey

Wendy Fehey

$ 6.50 
SKU: 04-EWF427

Patterns designed and painted by Wendy Fahey; E-Pattern includes: color photo, supply list, tracing pattern, and painting instructions. All parts sold separately.


DecoArt Americana SoSoft
DSS77 Santa Red
DSS88 Red Pepper
DSS98 Olive Green
DSS75 Green Apple
DSS24 Black
DSS219 Avocado Green
DSS92 Bright Yellow
DSS02 Antique Gold
DHS4 Fiery Red Neons
DGD20 Copper Glamour Dust Glitter Paint
DGD03 Sizzling Red Glamour Dust Glitter Paint
DGD01 Gold Glitz Glamour Dust Glitter Paint
DGD21 Black Ice Glamour Dust Glitter Paint
DecoArt Dazzling Metallics Paint
DA148 Emperor’s Gold
DA263 Splendid Gold
DA073 Bronze

Princeton Brushes
Liner: 10/0
Flat Shader: #8 (1/4”), #10 (3/8”)
Round: #0, #2 or 3 (for lettering)
Lunar Blenders: 1/8”, 1/4"
Heinz Jordan
1/4 Domed Stippler (or your favorite dry brush)

Black canvas stocking
Piece of stiff cardboard (to place inside stocking)
Chalk Pencil (light) (or dark for a dark surface)
White Transfer paper
Delicate scroll curls stencil (optional)
Eraser tip on pencil (for dots)