Peppermint Jar E-Pattern By Donna Hodson

Donna Hodson

$ 8.00 
SKU: 04-EDH12

E-Pattern by Donna Hodson includes color photo, drawings and full painting instructions.

All parts sold separately 

SURFACE: 5” x 6” plywood rectangle by WoodPile, available at Hobby Lobby. It comes in a
package of 6. Other similar surfaces will work or you can enlarge or reduce to fit other
Scrapbook Paper: 12” x 12” Nordic Holiday Vertical/nor-3451,
made in Layton, Utah 84041. I purchased mine at a scrapbook store several years ago.
Other similar paper will work or I have included a painted background option.
PAINT: DecoArt Americana Acrylic
Antique Maroon, Black Green, Cadmium Yellow, Deep Burgundy, Fiery Red (NEON), Grey
Sky, Hauser Light Green, Hauser Medium Green, Leaf Green, Plantation Pine, Scarlet, Snow
White, Tomato Red
BRUSHES: Any brand but good quality
¾” wash
½” angle
Assorted flats 2,4,5,8
Scrip Liners 6/0 and 18/0
Old ½” flat to apply glue/sealer
Dry brush
Multi-Purpose Sealer by DecoArt
220 fine sandpaper
3M P320 flexible sandpaper or 600 wet/dry sandpaper, or piece of paper sack.
Drill: 1/8” bit
Awl or ice pick
Sharp craft knife (new blade)
Decou-Page Matte Glue/Sealer by DecoArt
Cutting mat or old magazine
About 15” size 20 gold wire to hang or your choice of hanger
Wire cutter and small needle nosed pliers
C-thru ruler
Paper cutter, optional
Americana Spray Sealer/Finisher Matte DAS13 or you could use Krylon Matte spray 1311
Palette knife
White and grey graphite
Varnish of choice. I like DuraClear Ultra Matte by DecoArt or their matte varnish.
Usual acrylic supplies