Orville and Wilbur E-Pattern by Chris Haughey

Chris Haughey Designs

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The Orville and Wilbur E-Pattern is a free downloadable PDF Pattern Packet includes: color photo, supply list, tracing pattern, and painting instructions. All parts sold separately.

All supplies available at Cupboard Distributing www.cdwood.com


Spoked Wheel 1-¾” 01-X950

Spoked Wheel 2-½” 01-X952

Carrot Nose-curved 11-10969

Carrot Nose-straight 11-10965

Holly Leaves with Berries 11-10770

Top Hat 2” 11-M597

Hemp Cording 11-H2O

Mini Flurry Snowflake ½” 31-L044

Round Top Plug 3/8” 01-P616

Ribbon for Hat Band- 3/16”

Fabric or Ribbon for Scarf Red Sock, Glove, or Knit Fabric for hat

Palette Knife 29-13281

Flat Wash Brush ½” 03-4550-1/2

Quick Grip Adhesive 16-00004

Multi Grit Sandpaper Pack 29-12347

DecoArt Americana Acrylics:

Charcoal Grey 13-DA088

Soft Black 13-DA155

Warm White 13-DA239

DecoArt Mediums:

Crystal Glamour Dust 13-41530

Snow-Tex 13-40940

Matte Sealer Finisher 13-41370