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NOEL E-Pattern

Eliana Castellazzi

NOEL E-Pattern

$ 6.50

Patterns designed and painted by Eliana Castellazzi; E-Pattern includes: color photo, supply list, tracing pattern, and painting instructions. All parts sold separately.



Noel letters (created by the craftsman Andrea Moroni)


Snow whiteDa 01, soft blackDA, deep midnight blue DA156, black plumDA172, heritage brick DA219, MarigoldDA194, french grey blue DA098, blue Haze DA116, buttermilk DA03, Cocoa DA259, light french blue DA185, red iron oxideDA096, burnt sienna DA063, plantation pine DA113, antique maroon DA160, raw sienna DA093, burnt Umber DA064, fiery red DH84, hauser medium Green DA, mediumflashDA102,antique White DA 058


Jo sonjas square wash 1/2 e3/4, maxine mop 1/2 e3/4, round jo sonjas 1350 n.1 - 3, flat jo Sonja 1370 n. 12, 10,8,6, oval dry brush jo Sonja 2010 n. 2-6 lineer jo Sonja 1360 n. 18/0, comb


White and black graphite paper, paper palette, multipurpose sealer , paper palette, stencil PP100 (plum purdy), snowflakes stencil BTVS.


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