Mrs. Crow E-Pattern

Vicki Saum

$ 6.50 
SKU: 04-EVS10

E-Pattern by Vicki Saum includes color photo, drawings and full painting instructions.

Supplies: I cut Mrs. Crow out of ¾ inch pine and used ¼ inch dowel rods for her neck and legs. Piece of orange jute or twine for bows. You could also paint this on a surface of your choosing. Small amount of clear glue,
Decoart Americana Paint: Bright Green, Burnt Orange, Burnt Sienna, Dioxazine Purple, Lamp Black, Lemonade, Light Buttermilk, Olive green, Orchid, Royal Purple, Sable Brown, Saffron Yellow, Warm White, Zinc.
Mediums and Sealers-Finishes: Americana multi-purpose sealer, Americana DuraClear matte varnish.
Brushes: Assorted brushes. Flats, angle shaders, liners.
Miscellaneous: Paper towels, pencil, water bin, palette, stylus in different sizes, black fine point Sharpie, tracing paper, graphite paper.