Melt my Heart E-Pattern by Wendy Fahey

Wendy Fehey

$ 6.50 
SKU: 04-EWF366

Patterns designed and painted by Wendy Fahey; E-Pattern includes: color photo, supply list, tracing pattern, and painting instructions. All parts sold separately.


PALETTE: Deco Art Americana
DA195 Bittersweet Chocolate
DA257 Bleached Sand
DA088 Charcoal Grey
DA171 Driftwood
DA356 Dried Clay
DA069 Dove Grey
DA071 Glorious Gold
DA067 Lamp Black
DA130 Raw Umber
DA286 Terra Coral
DA239 Warm White
DA319 Burlap
DA063 Burnt Sienna
DA052 Avocado
DA364 Aloe
DA361 Sand Grey
DS60 DuraClear Matte Finish varnish
DAS8 Weathered Wood (for scallop)
Black/Brown mix
**NOTE: Create a Black/Brown mix with Bittersweet Chocolate and Lamp Black 4-1 (store this in a spare paint bottle for
further use here – it is also commonly used in many of my other patterns).

Princeton Brushes:
Flat Wash: 3/4
Shader: #10, #8, #6
Liner: #10/0
Round: #0
Lunar Blender: 1/4”, 1/2"
Heinz Jordan:
Domed Stipplers: 1/4”, 3/8”,1/2”, 3/4”


Wood scalloped banner (18x23”), 18” circle, or a surface
of your choice
3 or 4 tiny gold rhinestones/beads (for hat decoration)
4 or 5 small pearls (for wreath)
5 tiny gold jingle bells (for wreath)
White glue
Coordinating gold color ribbon:
76” of 2” ribbon - bow for hanging
64” of 1.5” ribbon for weaving *
(* optional if you have a surface with side holes to weave through)