McWinky and Tinkerfoot E-Pattern by Linda O' Connell, TDA

Linda O' Connell

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SKU: 04-ELO018

E-Pattern by Linda O'Connell is a downloadable PDF pattern comes with color photo, instructions and detailed drawings. All parts sold separately.

g Long Teardrop Ornament #31-6210 from Cupboard Distributing –
Paints by DecoArt Americana
g Black Plum
g Bright Salmon
g Country Red
g Dried Clay
g Golden Straw
g Graphite
g Grey Sky
g Hauser Medium Green
g Heritage Brick
g Honey Brown
g Lamp Black
g Leaf Green
g Light Cinnamon
g Midnite Green
g Mint Julep
g Moody Blue
g Navy Blue
g Pistachio Mint
g Scarlet
g Slate Grey
g Soft Black
g Traditional Burnt Umber
g Warm Beige
g Warm White
g Winter Blue
Extreme Sheen
g 24K Gold
Glamour Dust Paint
g Ice Crystal
g Sizzling Red
g Sapphire Blue
g Emerald
Mediums by DecoArt
g Matte Medium
g DecoArt Liquid Glass
g Dura Clear Varnish
g Dark Graphite
g Fine Grit Sandpaper
Brushes by FM Dynasty :
Black Gold Series
g #206 shader- #4,#6,
g Chisel Flat #14,
g 20/0 Liner
g ¼” Angle
Assorted Series
g Decorator Series 400, ½” mop
g Series 361, ¾” wash
g #1827 Faux Squirrel, Rigger #2
g Decorator Series, #4 sable drybrush
g Mezza Luna, Medium and Large
King Art Brushes:
g # 9520 Filbert Rake ½”