Knobhead Snowflakes Ornaments E-Pattern

Chris Haughey Designs

$ 6.50 
SKU: 04-EPA1522

Designed and painted by Chris Haughey; E-Pattern is a downloadable PDF file and includes: color photo, supply list, tracing pattern, and painting instructions. All parts sold separately.

31-L054 Sparkle Wood Snowflake 4”
01-P626 1-1/4” Square Wood Knob
01-P628 1” Square Wood Knob
11-GC01 Gold Hanging Cord
or Decorative Ribbon
Scraps of fabric or
ribbon for scarves
Sock cuff for snowmen hats 
24-72503 Mini Boxwood Garland
31-L044 1/2” Wood
Flurry Snowflake
24-CX2 Red Holly Berries
DecoArt Americana Acrylics:
13-DA156 Antique Rose
13-DA157 Black Green
13-DA128 Deep Burgundy
13-DA111 Grey Sky
13-DA067 Lamp Black
13-DA106 Light Avocado
13-DA206 Limeade
13-DA293 Persimmon
13-DA01 Snow (Titanium) White
13-DA155 Soft Black
13-DA040 Williamsburg Blue
Loew Cornell Brushes:
03-7050-18/0 Liner
03-7300-2, 8 Shader
03-7400-1/8”. 1/4”, 1/2” Angle
03-2014-4 Scumbler
Other Mediums:
13-41370 Americana Matte
Sealer/ Finish Spray
13-07930 Multi Purpose Sealer
13-41530 Crystal Glamour Dust
13-01120 Star Lite Varnish
03-11183 Double-Ended Stylus
03-13051 Berry Makers
03-13281 Palette Knives
16-93616 Tape for Curves
28-12398 White Paint Palette
28-03838 Canary Transfer Paper
28-80809 Graphite Tracing Paper
29-10611 Extra Fine Sanding Pad
29-32227 Specialty Sponge Set of 2