Ice Fishing E-Pattern by Vicki Saum

Vicki Saum

$ 6.50 
SKU: 04-EVS57

PDF Download includes color photo, drawings and full painting instructions.

Surface: I painted this project on an old minnow bucket liner that I
purchased at a garage sale.
Supplies: DecoArt Americana paints: Burnt Orange, Charcoal Grey, Dove
Grey, Lamp Black, Oyster Beige, Prussian Blue, Pumpkin, Santa Red, Snow
Brushes: Assorted flats, liners, shaders, dry brushes. I use Dynasty Black
Gold brushes and the Mezzaluna brushes for dry brushing.
Mediums: Americana multi-purpose sealer, Americana matte
sealer/finisher spray.
Miscellaneous supplies: Shipping tag or cardstock if you prefer to
print your tag. Stencils: Buffalo Plaid stencil from, snowflake stencils, I used stencils from
Plum Purdy and The Creative Coach. Piece of buffalo plaid flannel for a tie
and to wrap handle. Flat Grey spray paint.