I See a Fish E-Pattern By Sandra Malone

Sandra Malone

$ 7.00 
SKU: 04-ESMA54

PDF download comes with color photo, instructions and detailed drawings. All parts sold separately.

Deco Art Americana Acrylics
Boysenberry Pink Pumpkin
Calypso Blue Purple Rain
Cotton Candy Scarlet
Deep Blush (Shading Flesh) Snow (Titanium) White
Deep Burgundy Spa Blue
Dioxazine Purple Tangelo Orange
Hauser Medium Green Terra Coral
Indian Turquoise Terra Cotta
Lamp (Ebony) Black Tomato Red
Lemonade Traditional Burnt Umber
Natural Buff Warm Beige (Flesh Tone)
Olive Green Whispering Turquoise
Orange Twist Wild Orchid
Peaches n’Cream
Large Painters Palette 7 X 8 ½
Medium Painters Palette 5 X 6
Your favorites, shader size 12; 10; 8; 4; 2, and liner
Misc. Supplies:
Old tooth brush for spattering
Sand paper or pad
White Graphite Paper
Gray Graphite Paper
Tracing Paper
Assorted Circles-Bottle tops, Pencil tops (without eraser)
Medicine bottle tops, etc.
Deco Art Americana Sealer/Finisher-Matte