Home Sweet Home E-Pattern by Sandy McTier

Sandy McTier

$ 10.00 
SKU: 04-ESMC40

E-Pattern by Sandy McTier includes color photo, drawings and full painting instructions. 

Surface: 12" Round Palette Plaque – www.cdwood.com, Item #31-L475
Stencil: 12" Home Sweet Home – www.creativeartslifestyle.com, Item # STCL3010_2
DecoArt Products: www.DecoArt.com
• DecoArt Americana Multi-Purpose Sealer DS17
• DecoArt Americana Lamp Black DA067
• Soft-Touch Varnish DMM26
• Media Fluid Acrylics/Americana Substitutes:
o Titanium White / Titanium White
o Raw Umber /Asphaltum
o Quinacridone Gold /Traditional Burnt Sienna
o Titan Buff / Oyster Beige or Light Buttermilk
o Sap Green / Plantation Pine
o Green Gold / Citron Green or Margarita
o Phthalo Blue / Ultra Blue Deep
o Paynes Grey / Paynes Grey or Soft Black
o Dioxazine Purple / Dioxazine Purple
o Dynasty Brushes: www.TheBrushGuys.com (use promo code sandymc for an
additional discount)
● #8 Shader (206S)
● 1" Flat
● #12 Shader (206S)
● 1/4" Angle (206A)
● 3/8" Angle (206A)
● #2 Round (206R)
● #0 Liner (206L)
● Small Mezzaluna (for drybrushing)
● Stencil
Miscellaneous Supplies:
● Paper Towels
● Water Basin
● White Graphite Paper
● Ribbon of Choice