Herb Garden Tray E-Pattern by Tammey Etheredge

Tammey Etheredge

$ 8.00 
SKU: 04-ETE03

The Herb Garden Tray E-Paper pattern is a downloadable PDF that comes with color photo, instructions and detailed drawings. All parts sold separately.

All Supplies available from Cupboard Distributing www.cdwood.com

 Surface: Hobby Lobby Round Wood Tray (SKU: 1921436)
Project Supplies:
• Tracing Paper
• Transfer Paper (white)
• Stylus
• Paper Palette Pad
• Sandpaper (120 and 150 grit)
• Stencil: Layered Stencil Set – Amazon (ASIN# B07MH7P77N)
Paints (DecoArt Americana):
Navy Blue Purple Cow Pistachio Mint
Royal Navy Light Buttermilk Matchca Green
Georgia Clay Lavender Santa Red
Bleached Sand Hauser Light Green Honey Brown
Grey Storm Hauser Medium Green
Warm White Hauser Dark Green
Snow (Titanium) White Avocado
Lamp (Ebony) Black Light Avocado
Cobblestone Evergreen
Canyon Orange Forest Green
(Delta Ceramcoat):
Territorial Beige
Burnt Umber
Mediums (DecoArt):
• Multi-Purpose Sealer
• DuraClear Satin Varnish
• #5 Chris’s Radical Round
• ¼” Loew Cornell Deerfoot Stippler
• 18/0 Chris’s Epic Script Liner
• #8 Flat Shader Loew-Cornell 7300 Series
• 5/8” Moderna Angle Shader
• ½” Moderna Angle Shader
• 3/8” Moderna Angle Shader
• ¾” Lowe Cornell Flat Brush
• Mushroom shaped makeup sponge applicator