Haunted Jacks & Earl Knobhead Ornaments Pattern

Chris Haughey Designs

$ 7.50 
SKU: 04-PA1539

Paper pattern comes with color photo, instructions and detailed drawings. All parts sold separately.

31-L057 4” Maple Leaf
01-P628 1” Square Knob
01-P626 1-1/4” Square Knob
29-71060 Quik Wood Putty
1/16” wide orange ribbon
11-T628 1-1/4" Disc Magnet
- or- Decorative Hanging Ribbon

DecoArt Americana Acrylic Paint:
13-DA160 Antique Maroon
13-DA316 Coral Shell
13-DA067 Lamp Black
13-DA07 Moon Yellow
13-DA154 Pansy Lavender
13-DA293 Persimmon
13-DA113 Plantation Pine
13-DA138 Prussian Blue
13-DA068 Slate Grey
13-DA01 Snow White
13-DA155 Soft Black
13-DA207 Soft Sage
13-DA324 Watermelon Slice
13-DA305 Whispering Turquoise

Loew-Cornell Brushes:
03-2014-4 Round Scumbler
03-7050-18/0 Script Liner
03-7230-10 Long Filbert
03-7300-10 Shader
03-7350-1 Liner
03-7400-1/8, -1/4, -1/2 Angle
03-7430-6 Flora Round

13-41370 Acrylic Sealer/
Finisher, Matte (spray)
13-07930 Multi Purpose Sealer

28-12398 Palette Paper
28-80809 Graphite Transfer Paper
28-80915 White Transfer Paper
16-00004 Quick Grip Adhesive
03-11183 Double-ended stylus
28-03838 Canary Tracing Paper
29-10611 Sanding Pad
29-13281 Palette Knives
29-32227 Specialty
Sponge Set of 2
46-00643 Precision File Set

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