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Four Seasons Mirror E-Pattern by Barbara Bunsey

Barbara Bunsey

Four Seasons Mirror E-Pattern by Barbara Bunsey

$ 6.50

E-Pattern by Barbara Bunsey includes color photo, drawings and full painting instructions.

Nightfall--3 French Grey Blue,
2 Deep Midnight Blue
Custard--Taffy Cream
Black Green--Black Green
Bambi--Khaki Tan
Napthol Crimson--Napthol Red
Hammered IronNeutralGrey
Brown Iron Oxide-Dk. Choc.
Lichen Grey-Driftwood
Blue Haze—Blue Haze
Norsk Blue-2 Neut. Gr. 1 Fr.
Grey Blue
Seminole-Hauser Med. Gr.
Dark Jungle-Hauser Med. Gr. +
Primary Yellow
Golden Brown-Honey Br.
Tide Pool-Winter Blue
Leaf Green-Hauser Lt. Gr.
Bittersweet-Bright Orange
Deep Coral-Peony
Dusty Purple-Plum
Dark Flesh-Shading Flesh
Country Colors:
Antique White-Antique Wh.
Barn Red-Heritage Brick
Golden Harvest-Golden Straw
Mushroom-Driftwood + Hauser
Med. Green
Soft White-Cool White
Soldier Blue-Uniform Blue
Light Mushroom-Eggshell
Pine Needle Green-Plantation
Soft Black-Black
Blue Grey Mist
Ice Blue
Burnt Orange
Folk Art:
Tapioca-Light Buttermilk
NOTE: I have indicated DecoArt Americana paints next to Delta, Country Colors, and Folk Art colors
originally used next to each color in bold.
Other supplies:
Shiva Burnt Umber oil paint
Loew-Cornell brushes: 7000 series: #14, #8 shader; #0 script liner; #6 liner; ¾” wash brush; scruffy #4 round; #8
shader; rake brush; 3/8” deerfoot #410

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