Finishing Touches E-Pattern by Wendy Fahey

Wendy Fehey

$ 6.50 
SKU: 04-EWF156

Patterns designed and painted by Wendy Fahey; E-Pattern includes: color photo, supply list, tracing pattern, and painting instructions. All parts sold separately.


PALETTE: Deco Art Americana DA064 Burnt Umber DA067 Lamp Black DA069 Dove Grey DA095 Neutral Grey DA113 Plantation Pine DA130 Raw Umber DA132 Hauser Medium Green DA131 Hauser Light Green DA147 Antique Green DA157 Black Green DA161 Graphite DA171 Driftwood DA173 Khaki Tan DA195 Bittersweet Chocolate DA239 Warm White DA257 Bleached Sand DA259 Cocoa DA366 Periwinkle DA236 Grape Juice DA151 Royal Fuchsia DA193 Blue Chiffon DA141 Blue Violet DA140 Red Violet DA063 Burnt Sienna DA186 French Mauve DA101 Dioxazine Purple DS60 DuraClear Matte Finish 

BRUSHES: Princeton Brushes Flat Wash: 3/4 Shader: #12, #10, #8, #6 or #4 Liner: #10/0 Script Liner: #1 Round: #0 Lunar Blenders: #1”, 1/2", 3/8”

SUPPLIES: Rough Lumber Back Board 21”x23” Rectangle Wood piece 13”x15” Metal handles and accessories if desired Stain of choice Scotch Tape (not shiny type) [not masking tape - it leaves ridge when your paint] E6000 Glue (2) 12”x4”x1/4” wood spacers (optional for mounting on this type of back board) *To add more dimension to finished piece, I used a 12”x4”x1/4” spacer behind my rectangle board to raise it up off the back board.