Festive Teapot Santa E-Pattern By Paola Bassan

Paola Bassan

$ 5.00 
SKU: 04-EPB45

E-Pattern by Paola Bassan includes color photo, drawings and full painting instructions

 Surface : Festive Teapot Santa
The shape is in MDF with the main lines of the design already engraved.

#31-L1180 Festive Teapot Santa, www.cdwood.com

Project Supplies:
Usual Acrylic Tools
White and Black Graphite
Fine Grit Sandpaper , Glamour Dust Glitter, Swarovski Crystal 2 mm (SS6)
Stencil “Swirl Snowflakes” by Paola Bassan Design
Stencil “Sweet Ornaments” by Paola Bassan Design

Paints: DecoArt Americana Acrylics
Berry Cobbler

Plantation Pine
Black Plum

Blue Mist

Soft Black
Burnt Sienna

Titaniun Snow White

Vintage Pink
Country Red

Warm White
Deep Midnight Blue

Soft Black
Golden Straw
Hauser Light Green

Neon Fiery Red
Honey Brown
Light Buttermilk

Glamour Dust Limelight
Natural Buff
Open Water

Medium : Decoart
Multi Purpose Sealer

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