Christmas Unwrapped E-Pattern by Tammey Etheredge

Tammey Etheredge

$ 8.00 
SKU: 04-ETE020

The Christmas Unwrapped E-pattern is a downloadable PDF that comes with color photo, instructions and detailed drawings. All parts sold separately.

Supply List:
• Surface: Christmas Unwrapped Box 1 (This pattern and the surfaces are only available to those
who purchased the Christmas Unwrapped Box. The surfaces are not available to be ordered via
the website. To order, call Cupboard Distributing: 937-652-3338, and don’t forget to order the
two extra snowflakes (not included in the Christmas Unwrapped Box). Be sure to use my
affiliate code: TammeyEGA4 to get a 10% discount!!

• Stencils: Chris’s Bubble Buddy SKU: 29-47074 from (included in Box 1)
Buffalo Plaid Stencil SKU: 09-19193 from
Snowflakes Stencil from or SKU: 09-19261
• Snowflakes: ¾” Blizzard Snowflake from SKU: 31-L1316
¾” Blizzard Sparkle Snowflake from SKU: 31-L1313
• Coordinating Ribbon
• Stylus
• Paper Palette
• Clear Craft Glue
• Old Toothbrush
• Craft Wire
• Twine/string
• 1/32” drill bit
• Sand Paper (120 or higher grit)
• Small Gems (optional)
• Tracing Paper
• Transfer Paper
• Pigma Micron (.005 nib) Archival Permanent Pen
• Krylon 18k Gold Leafing Pen