Chris's #10 Diverse Drybrush

Chris Haughey

$ 5.75 $ 8.25
SKU: 03-929-10

This amazing Diverse Drybrush is the most unique and diverse brush ever.  It provides top quality and excellent performance.  The exclusive bristle blend is perfect for acrylics, but also works well with oils, fabric painting, and even watercolors!  The round shape bristles taper gently to provide astonishing versatility.  Available in 7 sizes to fit any project!

The Diverse Drybrush can be used for drybrushing, highlighting, stenciling, texturizing, antiquing, and more.

Some of the many techniques that can be easily created include clouds, bubbles, berries, mist, smoke, halos, rays, magic dust trails, berries, and so much more.  The options this brush provides are endless.

This invaluable brush is hard working, durable, and perfect for every painter.