Candy Cane Wishes E-Pattern by Christy Hartman

Christy Hartman

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Downloadable PDF E-Pattern by Christy Hartman includes: color photo, supply list, tracing pattern, and painting instructions. All parts sold separately.


4”X4” wood surface of your choice. Any size or shape surface will work brilliantly for this project. Use your imagination.
Palette: Deco Art Americana
Asphaltum #DA180
Cactus Flower #DA384
Dried Clay #DA356
Fawn #DA242
Glamour Dust Ice Crystal DGD09
Honey Brown DA163
Indian Turquoise #DA087
Lamp Black #DA067
Metallic Gold Media Fluid Acrylics #DMFA49
Moon Yellow #DA07
Napa Red #DA165
Olive Green #DA056 (Irish Green DA312, Golden Straw DA168, Light Buttermilk
DA164, mixing ratio 2:2:1)
Santa Red #DA170
Sapphire Blue #DA099
Snow White #DA164
Warm White #DA239
White Peach #DA024
Brushes: Assorted Brushes of your choice
#2 Round
#4 Round
#8 Round
½” Angular Shader
3/8” Angular Shader
Deerfoot Brushes assorted sizes
Brushes for dry brushing
Old brush for decoupage
Script Liner (SL) 20/0
Script Liner (SL) #10/0
Filbert Comb assorted sizes
Small Stencil Brush
Mop Brush
Use the brush that best fits the area to be painted.
I like to use JoSonja’s Filbert Combs: ¼”, 3/16”, 1/8”
I love to use JoSonja’s Sure Touch Oval Dry Brushes for dry brushing. I have the
entire set and use all of the sizes.
Misc. Supplies:
Micron Black Permanent Marker 01, 02, 03
Favorite Transfer Method
Round Punchinello
Buffalo Plaid Stencil #09-19193B
Marvy Uchida Deco Color Extra Fine Liquid Gold Paint Marker
Uni Posca White and Gold PC-1MR Acrylic Marker
Deco Art Matte Spray Varnish #DAS13
Multi-Purpose Sealer #DS17