Bringing Your Tree E-Pattern By Sandra Malone

Sandra Malone

$ 7.00 
SKU: 04-ESMA55

PDF download comes with color photo, instructions and detailed drawings. All parts sold separately.

Deco Art Americana Acrylics
Banana Cream Lemonade
Blue Chiffon Light Buttermilk
Bosenberry Pink Payne’s Grey
Cranberry Wine Poodleskirt Pink
Dark Chocolate Salem Blue
Foliage Green Santa Red
Golden Straw Slate Grey
Hauser Dark Green Soft Black
Hauser Light Green Victorian Blue
Jack-O’-Lantern Watermelon Slice
Lamp (Ebony) Black Warm White Winter Blue
Small Squatty Mason Jar Plaque
Misc. Supplies:
Tracing Paper-Pad
White Graphite Paper
Script Stencil or Stamp of your choice
Old Tooth Brush for Spattering
Deco Art Americana Sealer/Finisher-Matte
Shader size 12; size 8; size 4; size 2
Glaze Wash Brush