Boo Mail E-pattern by Sandy LeFlore

Sandy LeFlore

$ 6.50 
SKU: 04-ESL715

PDF includes: color photo, supply list, tracing pattern, and painting instructions. All parts sold separately.

Having issues with your package deliveries? Snail mail slower than slow? Might I suggest you try “BOO
Mail” through the Boney Express. Nothing scares this ghostly delivery guy. Thunder and lightning? He
loves it! Pouring rain or sleeting slimy ooze doesn’t slow him down. You don’t see him coming and you’ll
never see him go but you’ll know he’s been there by the packages he leaves behind. Try it today…before
it’s too late.
• 11 ½” x 7 ½” x 1/8” Unfinished MDF Ticket Plaque #31-L276 available from Cupboard
Project Supplies
• Punchinello Stenciling Material available from Just Fine Designs (
• Wire for hanger
• Assorted Rubber Background Stamps (anything you have in your stash will do)
• Staz On Jet Black Ink Pad
• Plastic Wrap
DecoArt Americana Acrylic Paint
DA016 Burnt Orange
DA034 Lavender
DA064 Burnt Umber
DA067 Lamp Black
DA07 Moon Yellow
DA082 Evergreen
DA100 Ultra Blue Deep
DA101 Dioxazine Purple
DA132 Irish Moss
DA165 Napa Red
DA219 Heritage Brick
DA239 Warm White
DA257 Bleached Sand
DA268 Turquoise Blue
DA272 Purple Cow
DA308 Cinnamon Drop
DA395 Joyful Pink
DA401 Provence Sky
Brushes - These are the brushes that I used to paint this project but, please, feel free to use the brushes
that you are most comfortable painting with.
• L95005 Royal Sable Short Round- Size 12 (or your favorite brush to Dry Brush with)
• 6350 Kingart Liner - #4 and 0/0
• 730 Royal Comb – ½”
• 6550 Kingart Wash (Flat Shader) – Size ½”
and ¾”
• 2250 Royal Aqualon Round – Size #4
• Mop Brush – ½”
• 926 Chris’s Spectacular Stencil Brush - #4