Betsy Ross House E-Pattern by Barbara Bunsey

Barbara Bunsey

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SKU: 04-ECG69

E-Pattern by Barbara Bunsey includes color photo, drawings and full painting instructions.

Avocado Dip
Black Plum
Charcoal Grey
Dark Chocolate
Deep Midnight Blue
Light Avocado
Light Buttermilk
Light Cinnamon
Medium Flesh
Milk Chocolate
Neutral Grey
Olive Green
Shading Flesh
Soft Black
Traditional Burnt Sienna
Traditional Burnt Umber
Brushes: Loew-Cornell 7000 series: ¾” oval wash; #0 script liner; #8, #12, #16 shaders; #2 round; ¾”
wash brush; ¾” scruffy angle brush (referred to as “wave”); #272 M dome brush.
Special supplies: ¾” Scotch Magic tape; star stencil (optional); extender or retarder; Winsor &
Newton oil painting medium; Burnt Umber oil paint; soft, lint-free rags or Viva paper towels (use only Viva as they are lint-free).