Believe in the Magic E-Pattern By Vicki Saum

Vicki Saum

$ 6.50 
SKU: 04-EVS66

PDF Download includes color photo, drawings and full painting instructions.

Surface: I painted this project on a 13 ½ inch round wood circle I cut from ¼ inch MDF. Cupboard Distributing will carry this item.
Paints: Deco Art Americana Acrylics:
Blue Harbor, Burnt Umber, Graphite, Lamp Black, Leaf Green, Sand Grey, Santa Red,
Slate Grey, Warm Beige, Watermelon Slice, White Peach.
Brushes: Assorted brushes, flats, shaders, liners, rounds, mop, dry brush. I use
Dynasty Mezzaluna brushes for dry brushing, Chris Haughey’s Epic Liner, and Lynne
Andrews rounds.
Mediums: Americana multi-purpose sealer, Americana matte sealer finisher spray.
Miscellaneous Supplies: I stenciled the snowflakes with Winter Wonderland stencil from
Plum Purdy #pp102 (optional, any small type snowflake will work), make-up sponge or
stencil brush, sandpaper.