Bee Thoughtful Pattern by Chris Haughey

Chris Haughey Designs

$ 7.50 
SKU: 04-PA1721

The Bee Thoughtful Pattern comes with with color photo, instructions and detailed drawings. All parts sold separately.

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28-29840 10"x10" Wood Art Panel

46-93181 Postal Tissue Wrap

DecoArt Americana Acrylics:

13-DA031 Baby Pink

13-DA029 Boysenberry Pink

13-DA03 Buttermilk

13-DA191 Camel

13-DA240 Cool White

13-DA269 Foliage Green

13-DA087 Indian Turquoise

13-DA067 Lamp Black

13-DA252 Lemonade

13-DA114 Light Cinnamon

13-DA241 Light Mocha

13-DA032 Lilac

13-DA035 Navy Blue

13-DA154 Pansy Lavender

13-DA113 Plantation Pine

13-DA01 Snow White

13-DA155 Soft Black

13-DA059 Toffee

13-DA305  Whispering Turquoise

Sure Touch Brushes by Jo Sonja:

03-1345-1/8, -1/4, -3/8, -1/2 Angle

03-1352-4 Round

03-1360-1 Liner

03-1365-5/0 Script Liner

03-1370-2, -8, -12 Flat Shader

03-1385-4, -6,0-8, -10 Filbert

03-2010-6 Oval Drybrush


13-07930 Multi purpose Sealer

13-DMM20 Matte Medium

13-41370 Americana Matte Spray Sealer/Finisher


03-11183 Double-Ended Stylus

03-270-1/2 Maxine's Mop

03-7120-1/2 Rake

03-205-5 Theorem Stencil Brush

03-M77WO-3/4 Oval Wash

16-03680 Painter's Tape

18-57305 Mono Zero Eraser

28-03838 Canary Tracing Paper

28-80809 Graphite Transfer Paper

29-10611 Sanding Pad

29-12347 Sandpaper

29-32227 Specialty Sponge Set of 2

46-00987 Brayer

46-00817 Scissors