Angel of Joy E-Pattern

Patricia Jarrett

$ 6.50 
SKU: 04-EPJ030

Downloadable PDF E-Pattern by Pat Jarrett includes: color photo, supply list, tracing pattern, and painting instructions. All parts sold separately.

Palette – Americana Acrylics – All paints are the Multi-Surface Satin paints
DA539 Black Tie
DA534 Brown Sugar
DA509 Buff Beige
DA523 Coastal Waters
DA535 Cocoa Bean
DA500 Cotton Ball
DA508 Dark Scarlet
DA524 Deep Turquoise
DA532 Eggplant
DA530 Lavender Fields
DA503 Pink Cadillac
DA501 White Birch

I have listed the brushes I feel comfortable using but you should feel free to substitute
according to your preference.
Shaders - #2 to #8
Leow-Cornell 7330 curved flat brushes (I used #6, 10 and #12). Love them for
Liner brush – I used a #2 round – use whatever brush you need to achieve the line size
you need.
Other Supplies
Graphite paper
Clear plastic ruler
Americana Matte Finish Spray sealer
Tracing paper
Surface - #FTSO-008 – Shara’s ornament angel with small heart attached (Tin). Can be
found from Della and Company (
Deco-Art Adhesion Medium. Can be found through Viking Woodcrafts, #161-0393-02,
( or Cupboard Distributing, #13-00474,
Needle nose pliers (to curl the hair).
Cording for the hanger and to attach the heart – I used cording I found in Walmart,
made by Cousin, Metallic Cord (has an iridescent cord running through the cord). I cut
the cording into 9 inch lengths (4 for each angel).