American Summer E-Pattern by Sharon Bond

Sharon Bond

$ 6.50 
SKU: 04-ESB08062020

Designed and painted by Sharon Bond; Downloadable PDF for E-Pattern includes: color photo, supply list, tracing pattern, and painting instructions.
All parts sold separately.


 Palette: Americana Acrylics by DecoArt:

Bright Blue

Cool White

Deep Midnight Blue


Heritage Brick

Honey Brown

Lamp Black


Moon Yellow

Rookwood Red

Saffron Yellow

Santa Red

Snow White

Warm White


13” Cambridge Plaque – Available from – Item # 31- L509

Misc. Supplies:

Americana Acrylic Matte Spray Finisher

Ultra-fine Permanent Black Marker – (Such as an Ultra-fine Sharpie, available at most stores!) ----AND/OR------ Black PITT Artist Pen, Superfine OR an Extra Superfine by Faber-Castell (for even finer lines.)

Ordinary Plastic Wrap (such as Saran Wrap, Glad Wrap, etc…)

Water Mister Bottle

Ordinary Ruler (Optional, but helpful with lining)


Angular Shader ¼”

Angular Shader 3/8”

Glaze/Wash Brush ¾

Drybrushes (various sizes/your choices)

Round 2

Script Liner 10/0

Shader 6