A Handful of Daisies E-Pattern By Donna Hodson

Donna Hodson

$ 8.00 
SKU: 04-EDH059

E-Pattern by Donna Hodson includes color photo, drawings and full painting instructions.

This ePacket contains complete step by step directions, progression photos, line drawing and finished photos. This is painted on an oval stretched 8” x 10” canvas with a string of beads glued to the outer edge. This is painted with DecoArt Americana Acrylic.

SURFACE: The oval 8” x 10” stretched canvas was purchased at Hobby Lobby by Master’s Touch. I
purchased a string of ¾” beads that I found in the household section. It also had pink beads so I removed
them and restrung the white beads and glued them to the outer edge of the canvas. Other surfaces can be
used or you can reduce or enlarge as desired.
PAINT: DecoArt Americana Acrylic
Antique Gold, Avocado, Blue Haven, Burnt Sienna, Cadmium Yellow, Celery Green, Hauser Light Green,
Light Avocado, Light Buttermilk, Plantation Pine, Province Blue, Raw Sienna, Snow White, Warm Beige
(formerly Fleshtone)
Gesso: any brand
1” wash
¾” Moon Filbert Champagne #435 by Scharff or a similar brush
½” angle or what you use for floating
Size 10 flat
Size 6 filbert
Script liners sizes 00, 2, and 4 (I used the size 4 to paint the daisy petals)
1/8” deer foot brush or similar stipple brush
Optional: Small dry brush
Your favorite brushes
Old grey graphite
Dense cosmetic sponge
Any flourish stencil or stamp or another background stencil. (I am sure the stamp I used is no longer
Palette knife
Tracing paper
600 wet/dry sandpaper or piece of paper sack
Silicon glue like E6000 to glue beads or maybe Gorilla Glue
Varnish or choice: I prefer either JoSonja’s Matte Varnish or DuraClear Matte by DecoArt.
Sawtooth hanger and bumper guards for the bottom. Found at any home improvement store or art store.
Usual acrylic supplies