4 Season Chicks & Keys E-Pattern

Deb Antonick

$ 6.50 
SKU: 04-E200213

Design Inspiration by Terrye French and painted by Deb Antonick; E-Pattern includes: color photo, supply list, tracing pattern, and painting instructions. All parts sold separately.
#1873 Small panelled tissue box 2 x #2153 Small domed tissue panels 4 x Chicken Keys 
Supplies: Decoart Easy Float, Decoart Matte Sealer Finisher Spray, Tracy Moreau Stencils: “Chicken Wire” #52-0071 Available from www.vikingwoodcrafts.com or www.tracymoreau.com
Paint: Deco Art Americana Acrylics: Black Green, Black plum, Blue Chiffon, Burnt Sienna, Butterscotch, Canyon orange, Coral Blush, Country Red, Dioxazine Purple, Evergreen, Grape Juice, Green Tea, Lamp Black, Light Buttermilk, Moon Yellow, Napa Red, Peaches and Cream, Persimmon, Prussian Blue, Purple Cow, Purple Wave, Red Alert, Russet, Tangerine, Traditional Raw Sienna, Warm White, Wasabi, Wedgewood Blue, Whispering Turquoise,
Brushes: Dynasty Black Gold (206 Series) Brushes: 2,4,6,8, ½” Shaders, ¼”, ½, 3/8” Angles, 10/0 Liner Decorator Series 400 5/8” Mop Decorator Series 200 Drybrush, (sm, med, Lrg) Dynasty Faux Sable 107R #2 Rigger