Ornamania 3

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Almost as quickly as one ornament book is completed, new designs begin to
take shape upon my sketchbook pages.  Ornamania 3, a collection of my most
recent imaginings, is sprinkled with holiday glitter and a variety of appealing themes!  It is my hope that you paint with holiday gusto; I encourage you to to personalize the designs and I truly hope you enjoy every creative step in your painting journey.

Thank you always to my hubby John. He is a constant voice of encouragement
throughout all my endeavors. I am grateful for the Cupboard Distributing team - who have become my extended family. And, to all my loyal painting friends, thank you for sharing your stories connected to my designs. I truly cherish our painting bond.  Sending Christmas blessings with every brush stroke!

Surfaces used in this book:

31-L532 Squatty Mason Jar Ornament  https://www.cdwood.com/products/4-1-4-squatty-mason-jar-ornament

31-L688 Rustic Sign Ornament  https://www.cdwood.com/collections/ornamania-3/products/rustic-sign-ornament

31-L646 Snow Globe Ornament  https://www.cdwood.com/products/6-snowglobe-ornament

31-L678  Barn Ornament  https://www.cdwood.com/products/barn-ornament

31-L687  Vertical Oval Square Ornaments https://www.cdwood.com/products/vertical-oval-square-ornament

31-L683 Gingerbread Sleigh Ornament https://www.cdwood.com/products/gingerbread-sleigh-ornament

31-L684 Gingerbread Star Ornament https://www.cdwood.com/products/gingerbread-star-ornament

31-L685 Gingerbread Cupcake Ornament https://www.cdwood.com/products/gingerbread-cupcake-ornament

31-L679 Heavenly Trio Angel Ornaments https://www.cdwood.com/products/heavenly-trio-angel-ornament

31-L680  Santa Truck Ornament https://www.cdwood.com/products/santa-truck-ornament

31-L681 Snowman Truck Ornament https://www.cdwood.com/products/snowman-truck-ornament

31-L682 Reindeer Truck Ornament https://www.cdwood.com/products/reindeer-truck-ornament


Don't forget the stencils!

09-19180 Ornamania 3 Stencil  https://www.cdwood.com/products/ornamania-3-stencil

09-05751 Mini Stencil Set 18 https://www.cdwood.com/products/mini-stencil-by-tim-holtz-set-18

09-05831 Mini Stencil Set 10 https://www.cdwood.com/products/mini-stencil-by-tim-holtz-set-10

09-19018 Circle Stencil https://www.cdwood.com/products/circles-and-squares-stencil