Yarn a Funny Tale E-Pattern by Christy Hartman

Christy Hartman

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Downloadable PDF E-Pattern by Christy Hartman includes: color photo, supply list, tracing pattern, and painting instructions. All parts sold separately.

140# cold press watercolor paper, I use a variety of brands of watercolor paper. Fabriano, Strathmore, Arches, and Fluid Watercolor Paper, I will admit that Arches is my favorite and in my opinion the best but I use all of the other brands as well and as long as it is 140# Cold Press you will have success.
Micron Permanent Black Marker #01, #02, #03
Susan Scheewe Artists Tape
Masonite Board to tape your watercolor paper onto. I use student marker boards that I order from www.lakeshore.com item #KC60 I like to work fairly small with watercolor and these boards fit my style perfectly. It is not necessary to tape your paper down to paint this project.
White Gel Pen: Signo Uniball UM-120AC.
Royal Brush: These are the brushes that I use for watercolor. I keep all of my watercolor brushes separate from those brushes used for acrylics.
Royal Sabeltek
1/2” Angular #L95060
5/8” Angular #L95060
3/4” Angular #L95060
#20 Short Round #L95005
#16 Short Round #L95005
#12 Short Round #L95005
#8 Short Round #L95005
#4 Short Round #L95005
#2 Short Round #L95005
#10 Filbert L95020
#8 Filbert L95020
#6 Filbert L95020
#2 Filbert L95020
Watercolor Palette: I use a combination of Daniel Smith and Schmicke watercolors and I personally like to use a tin pan watercolor palette to house all of my paints. I’ve now added a second tin because I wanted to separate the two paint brands.
Daniel Smith
Bronzite Genuine
Brown Iron Oxide
Kyanite Genuine
Lapis Lazuli Genuine
Serpentine Green
Burnt Sienna
Chrome Orange
Chrome Yellow Deep
Lemon Yellow
Naples Yellow Reddish
Quinacridrone Violet